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Posh Bagel at Almaden Video Training Series

We have provided some very short training videos for the most common tasks and frequently asked questions at PoshBagelAlmaden.com.  Please contact us with any questions that may not be answered here.

How do I register?
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How can I look up my orders?
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How can I change my account information?
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How can I change the type of bread on a lunch box?
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How do I select a delivery date and time for my order?
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How do I enter my discount coupon?
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Posh Bagel at Almaden Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between Wholesale and Catering delivery?
A. Wholesale delivery is when all items being delivered are ordered from the wholesale menu, are packaged in boxes, and dropped off at the delivery location. Catering delivery is when all items ordered are from our catering menu. Items are arranged on platters and our staff will help setup the platters at the time of delivery.

All delivery charges are based on distance with the minimum of $3.50 for wholesale and $10.00 for catering, and we will notify you as soon as we confirm your order of any additional delivery charges. To qualify for wholesale delivery pricing, a client must order a minimum of $300 per month with a $35 minimum per delivery. Contact us if you are interested in opening a PoshBagelAlmaden.com wholesale account.
An order that contains any item(s) from the catering menu will be subject to the minimum $10.00 delivery fee.

Q. Can I pay for my order by credit card?
A. Yes you can use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express to make purchases. All transactions are run through PayPal payment processing, so you may also use your PayPal account.

Q. Can I be invoiced for my order?
A. If you have a wholesale account with PoshBagelAlmaden.com you can choose to have your order invoiced. You can have the invoice paid by a credit card we have on file, or company check. Every order will receive a copy of the invoice as confirmation regardless of payment method.

Q. I placed my wholesale order, why didn’t I get confirmation?
A. If you ordered after business hours, you will not receive confirmation until the following business day. For orders during business hours, it may take a few hours for us to confirm your order. All wholesale orders are confirmed by our staff, and are not automatic. All online credit card or PayPal purchases are confirmed when paid, so you will typically see confirmation within minutes. We will review all orders and call you with any questions or clarifications needed.
Posh Bagel at Almaden requires 24 hours advance notice on any wholesale or catering order.

Q. Can I purchase wholesale and catering items in the same order?
A. Sure, you can purchase any items available on the website from wholesale or catering, as long as your order has the $35.00 minimum. You will also be required to pay the $10.00 minimum catering delivery fee, if your order contains any catering item(s).

*All prices subject to change without notice. Some items may vary from the displayed image.